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This is where we'll announce the most recent events and changes to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's new, take a look here first.

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We are done building our new house! We finally updated our house pictures and as you can see it is completed. We closed on the house at the end of April and moved in by May 12th. Randy designed the page with "hot spots" that you can touch with the mouse on the floor plan to see pictures during and after construction.

Keebler has a new playmate. She's a 3-month-old Siamese that we fell in love with at a local pet store. She's getting along well with the other cats (after a little adjustment period) and is giving Keebler quite a lot of exercise. So now we have four Sill kitties - Keebler, Stephanie, Jasmine, and Sidney.

The kitties say yo!

Randy celebrated his BIG 30 birthday in February! He says he feels older already :) I tried to warn him about the 30th birthday last year when I experienced it, but he thought I was nuts.

Sharon started a new job March 17 as a payroll specialist at PrimePay. After the training period she'll be taking payroll information over the phone for various companies in Indiana.


Last modified: February 25, 1998